Mona Vale Hotel

2 Park Street

Mona Vale, NSW

60 Known Gigs for Mona Vale Hotel

Date Band
Thursday 14th July 1983 Two Bob Watch
Thursday 14th July 1983 Johnny Kannis & The Night Train
Friday 15th July 1983 Mysterons
Friday 15th July 1983 The Foster Brothers
Saturday 16th July 1983 Fashions
Saturday 16th July 1983 Broderick Smith Band
Riptides Thursday 21st July 1983 Riptides
Thursday 21st July 1983 Non Stop Dancers
Friday 22nd July 1983 Mysterons
Kevin Borich Express Friday 22nd July 1983 Kevin Borich Express
Saturday 23rd July 1983 Total Fire Band
Saturday 23rd July 1983 The Honeymoon
Saturday 30th July 1983 Ambush
Saturday 30th July 1983 Magnetics
Deckchairs Overboard Saturday 6th August 1983 Deckchairs Overboard
Saturday 13th August 1983 Fashions
Le Club Foote Saturday 13th August 1983 Le Club Foote
Saturday 17th December 1983 Birds Of Prey
Dear Enemy Saturday 17th December 1983 Dear Enemy
Friday 5th October 1984 Hoi Polloi
The Celibate Rifles Friday 5th October 1984 The Celibate Rifles
Ted Mulry Gang (TMG) Saturday 19th January 1985 Ted Mulry Gang (TMG)
Friday 2nd August 1985 Fat Time

Late show.

Saturday 3rd August 1985 Toucans
Saturday 3rd August 1985 Ega Ninja's
The Zarsoff Brothers Saturday 10th February 1990 The Zarsoff Brothers
The Fargone Beauties Saturday 3rd August 1991 The Fargone Beauties
Friday 4th March 1994 UB42
Friday 18th March 1994 UB42
The Hard Ons Saturday 25th June 2005 The Hard Ons