Doncaster Hotel

855 Doncaster Road

Doncaster, VIC

Doncaster Hotel, Doncaster. VIC

16 Known Gigs for Doncaster Hotel

Date Band
Skyhooks Wednesday 1st December 1976 Skyhooks

With Fingers

 Little River Band Wednesday 23rd March 1977 Little River Band
Skyhooks Friday 3rd February 1978 Skyhooks

With Living Legends

Skyhooks Wednesday 10th May 1978 Skyhooks
Saturday 16th September 1978 Dark Tan
Friday 15th June 1979 Magna Carta
Saturday 19th July 1980 Rock Steady
INXS Saturday 26th September 1981 INXS
INXS Saturday 21st November 1981 INXS
Uncanny X Men Saturday 6th February 1982 Uncanny X Men
Broderick Smiths Big Combo Saturday 13th February 1982 Broderick Smiths Big Combo
INXS Saturday 27th February 1982 INXS
INXS Monday 1st March 1982 INXS
Wendy and The Rocketts Saturday 20th March 1982 Wendy and The Rocketts
Divinyls Saturday 7th August 1982 Divinyls

Afternoon show

Uncanny X Men Saturday 20th November 1982 Uncanny X Men