1972 B.C.

1972 B.C. by Frieze
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Frieze released the Album 1972 B.C. in 1972. It was released through the Warner Bros. Records label as catalogue number: WS 20006

1972 B.C. first charted on June 5th, 1972, peaked at 40th position and stayed in the charts for 5 weeks


1. Friend
2. Love Is A Feeling
3. Superman
4. Jimmy & Jessie
5. Why Do Little Kids Have To Die


1. Try Yourself
2. A Song
3. You & I
4. All Because Of You
5. Jackie Girl

Recorded At: TCS Studios, Melbourne

Brian Cadd: Keyboards
Phil Manning: Guitar
Ray Arnott: Drums
Barry Sullivan: Bass
Charlie Gould: Acoustic Guitar
Graham Lyell: Saxophone/Flute
String Arrangements: Peter Jones

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Brian Cadd
Brian Cadd


John French

Recording Engineer