Ricky Fataar

Ricky Fataar Ricky Fataar was born on the 5th of September 1952 in Durban, South Africa

Ricky Fataar is known to have been a member of 1 band

Name Instruments Period
Wendy Matthews Band Percussion 1991 - 1991 (More...)

Recording Credits

Role Type Title Band Year Highest Pos
Bop Girl by Pat Wilson Producer Single Bop Girl Pat Wilson 1983 2
Change In Mood by Kids In The Kitchen Producer Single Change In Mood Kids In The Kitchen 1983 10
Working For The Man by Mental As Anything Producer Single Working For The Man Mental As Anything 1983 20
Staring At The Embers/Through The Years by Tim Finn Producer Single Staring At The Embers/Through The Years Tim Finn 1983 34