Rogue Traders

Rogue Traders

Pop/Rock/Dance bands from 2002 - Present

Rogue Traders has 8 known members

Name Instruments Period
James Ash James Ash Keyboards 2002 - 2012
Steve Davis Guitar 2002 - 2005
Natalie Bassingthwaighte Natalie Bassingthwaighte Vocals 2004 - 2008
Cameron McGlinchey Cameron McGlinchey Drums 2005 - 2008
Tim Henwood Guitar 2006 -
Danny Spencer Danny Spencer Guitar 2008 - 2008
Melinda "Mindi" Jackson Melinda "Mindi" Jackson Vocals 2009 -
Peter Marin Drums 2009 -

Rogue Traders discography - 18 recordings

Cover Title Type Release Year First Charted High Pos.
Give In To Me by Rogue Traders Give In To Me
CD Single 2002 67
Need You to Show Me by Rogue Traders Need You to Show Me
CD Single 2002
Stay? by Rogue Traders Stay?
CD Single 2003 60
One Of My Kind by Rogue Traders One Of My Kind
CD Single 2003 10
We Know What You're Up To by Rogue Traders We Know What You're Up To
Album 2003
Voodoo Child by Rogue Traders Voodoo Child
CD Single 2005 4
Way to Go! by Rogue Traders Way to Go!
CD Single 2005 7
Here Come The Drums by Rogue Traders Here Come The Drums
Album 2005 2
We're Coming Home by Rogue Traders We're Coming Home
CD Single 2006 14
Watching You by Rogue Traders Watching You
CD Single 2006 5
Don't You Wanna Feel by Rogue Traders Don't You Wanna Feel
CD Single 2007 10
Better In The Dark by Rogue Traders Better In The Dark
Album 2007 4
What You're On by Rogue Traders What You're On
CD Single 2008 30
I Never Liked You by Rogue Traders I Never Liked You
CD Single 2008 9
Love Is A War by Rogue Traders Love Is A War
CD Single 2009 90
Would You Raise Your Hands? by Rogue Traders Would You Raise Your Hands?
CD Single 2010 95
Hearts Beat As One by Rogue Traders Hearts Beat As One
CD Single 2010
The Sound Of Drums by Rogue Traders The Sound Of Drums
Double Album 2011