Matt Finish

Matt Finish

Rock band from 1978 - 2003

Photo: 1981 Left to Right: John Prior - Rick Grossman - Jeff Clayton - Matt Moffitt

Matt Finish has 25 known members

Name Instruments Period
Rick Grossman Rick Grossman Bass 2001 -
Glen White Guitar
Jeff Clayton Bass, Guitar
Laurie Marlow Laurie Marlow Bass
Matt Moffitt Matt Moffitt Guitar, Vocals
Harry Brus Harry Brus Bass
Brian Alcorn Bass
Chris Raggett Guitar
Tony Georgeson Drums
Rob Riley Rob Riley Guitar
Steve Edmonds Steve Edmonds Guitar, Vocals
Tim Gaze Tim Gaze Guitar
John Prior John Prior Drums
Ken Francis Guitar
Kevin Borich Kevin Borich Guitar
Guy Le Claire Guy Le Claire Guitar
Al Slavik Bass
Rohan Cannon Rohan Cannon
Anton Cannon
Wayne Gretch
Elliot Weston Vocals, Guitar
Bobby Christian
Peter Astley Bass
Matt Cornell Bass, Vocals
Nick Meredith Guitar

Matt Finish discography - 15 recordings

Cover Title Type Release Year First Charted High Pos.
Mancini Shuffle by Matt Finish Mancini Shuffle
Single 1980 01/12/80 57
Matt Finish Play Africa by Matt Finish Matt Finish Play Africa
Single 1980 57
Short Note by Matt Finish Short Note
Album 1981 16/03/81 18
Short Note B/W Layman's Day by Matt Finish Short Note B/W Layman's Day
Single 1981 20/04/81 33
Fade Away
EP 1981 02/11/81 59
Out On These Moments
Single 1983 07/11/83 53
Matt Finish by Matt Finish Matt Finish
EP 1983
Always Another B/W Forecast by Matt Finish Always Another B/W Forecast
Single 1984 28/05/84 77
Word Of Mouth by Matt Finish Word Of Mouth
Album 1984 28/05/84 25
Words And Wars
Single 1984
One Day At A Time B/W Augustine by Matt Finish One Day At A Time B/W Augustine
Single 1992
Blue by Matt Finish Blue
Single 1993
By Heart by Matt Finish By Heart
Album 1993
Earthbound (Don't Sing For Me)
EP 1993
Will I Ever Know by Matt Finish Will I Ever Know
Single 1994

155 Known Gigs for Matt Finish

Date Venue City
Friday 16th March 1984 Her Majesty's Theatre Sydney, NSW
Saturday 17th March 1984 Her Majesty's Theatre Sydney, NSW
Sunday 13th May 1984 Chevron Hotel Potts Point, NSW
Wednesday 6th March 1991 Regent Hotel Kingsford, NSW
Blacktown RSL, Blacktown. NSW Sunday 13th June 1999 Blacktown RSL Blacktown, NSW