Country Radio

Country Radio has 3 known members

Name Instruments Period
Greg Quill Greg Quill Guitar, Vocals 1970 - 1973
John DuBois Bass 1972 - 1973
Kerryn Tolhurst Kerryn Tolhurst Guitar, Mandolin 1972 - 1973

6 Known Gigs for Country Radio

Date Venue City
Sunbury Pop Festival, Sunbury. VIC Saturday 29th January 1972 Sunbury Pop Festival Sunbury, VIC
Chequers, Sydney. NSW Saturday 11th March 1972 Chequers Sydney, NSW
Sunday 12th November 1972 Lidcombe Oval Lidcombe, NSW
Bungool Festival Of Music, Bungool. NSW Sunday 31st December 1972 Bungool Festival Of Music Bungool, NSW
Bungool Festival Of Music, Bungool. NSW Monday 1st January 1973 Bungool Festival Of Music

Morning only

Bungool, NSW
Sunday 9th December 1973 Liverpool Speedway Green Valley, NSW