In the 1970s a new and thunderous sound emerged out of Australia's pubs. Honed by relentlessly touring bands before tough crowds on floors sticky with spilled drinks and broken glass, pub rock went on to influence generations of musicians and its best known bands led, by AC/DC, have made millions of fans around the world. 


Bitzer pay tribute to this important chapter in the history of Australian music. Pub rock anthems like "Marseilles" by The Angels and Midnight Oil's "No Time For Games" stand alongside the street poetry of Ian Rilen (Rose Tattoo, X). His 1977 hit "Bad Boy For Love" is presented here the way it was originally intended, as a jazz-tinged blues. It showcases the range and musicianship of Bitzer - they rock hard, but can change the pace whenever they feel like it.


Their first single "401", also by Rilen, is a journey into the heart of one car owner who really, really likes their vehicle. The EP even has a tip of the hat across the water to New Zealand with "Gonna See My Baby Tonight" from Kiwi band La De Das - the song climbed the Australian charts at the start of the '70s and its writer Kevin Borich has gone on to become Oz Rock royalty.


Bitzer are battle tested veterans of the scene and have played with a who's who of iconic bands and musicians.

Bitzer has 6 known members

Name Instruments Period
Lucy Desoto Lucy Desoto Vocals, Keyboards 2013 -
Mick Arnold Guitar, Vocals 2013 -
Steve King Steve King Bass 2013 -
Mick O'Shea Mick O'Shea Drums 2013 -
Steve Edmonds Steve Edmonds Guitar, Vocals 2013 -
Steve Mulry Steve Mulry Vocals 2013 -

1 Known Gig for Bitzer

Date Venue City
The Bald Face Stag Hotel, Leichhardt. NSW Monday 10th June 2013 The Bald Face Stag Hotel Leichhardt, NSW